Translation of the association’s by-laws (from Danish)

Here is a translation of the association’s by-laws. The original text of the by-laws in Danish may be found here.


Adopted at a founding general assembly, 19 September 2017.

§ 1. Name and affiliation
The association’s name is Effective Altruism Denmark.
The association’s seat is Copenhagen City.

§ 2. Purpose
Effective altruism is about using reasoning and evidence to find out how to benefit other conscious beings most and act accordingly. The association’s purpose is to support and promote the spread of effective altruism, including:
To promote the message that one should benefit others and to promote reflection on how best to benefit others.
To inform and advise about how time, money and resources can best be used to benefit others.
To support people in following the principles of effective altruism and to offer a social network of like-minded people.
To support associations or activities that follow the principles of effective altruism.

§ 3. Organization
The association’s highest authority is the general assembly. Between the general assembly meetings, the board of directors manages the overall oversight of the association in close cooperation with the joint council and the work groups.
The joint council is open to all active members and should meet monthly or more often. Several members of the board should be present when the joint council meets. The purpose of the joint council is to discuss and advise the board of directors on the operation and development of the association. The board and the joint council may set up and dissolve work groups.
The board of directors may, after the general meeting’s resolution, appoint employees to carry out tasks in the day-to-day operations.

§ 4. General assembly
The board convenes a general assembly with at least 14 days notice through the association’s pages on social media, via email or by letter. The annual general assembly is held each year before the end of March.
The agenda of the annual general assembly shall contain the following items:
1. Selection of the chair of the general assembly
2. Report of the board of directors
3. Presentation of accounts, budget and dues
4. Proposals. (Proposals must be received by the chairperson of the board no later than one week before the general assembly)
5. Election of the board and 1 to 3 alternates
6. Election of internal iuditor and alternate
7. Other business
Founding members or members who have been a member for at least 3 months are eligible to vote, however, all members are eligible to be elected. One can only vote by personal attendance.

§ 5. Board of directors and joint council
The day-to-day management of the association is carried out by the board in close cooperation with the joint council.
The board of directors consists of 5 to 9 members of the association, depending on the number of candidates for the board’s election at the general assembly.
The Board of Directors constitutes itself with the chairperson, vice-chairperson and cashier, and additional items as required.
In addition to subscription rights, the chairperson has only a coordinating role with no additional responsibility or voting weight.
The board prepares accounts and budget.
The board shall adopt its own rules of procedure.
Subscription right for the association has the chairperson and the cashier.
Official opinions in the press on behalf of Effective Altruism Denmark may be subject to approval by the board of directors. All use of association funds for expenses over DKK 500 must be approved by a majority of the board.
If a member of the board resigns, his post is taken over by the alternate who was elected with the highest votes at the general assembly.
The joint council is the association’s forum for setting goals, vision, and development of ideas. The joint council has no elected chairperson or director, but may determine its rules of procedure according to its own needs.

§ 6. Membership
Anyone who is interested in supporting the association’s purpose may be admitted as a member. Membership is binding for one year at a time.
The board of directors may by a 2/3 majority of all board members exclude a member who opposes or damages the interests of the association. However, the decision to this effect shall be submitted within one month to an extraordinary general assembly, which makes a final decision. The excluded member must be summoned to this extraordinary general assembly personally and in writing.
The members of the association are not personally liable for the association’s obligations. Any member can always depart from the association at any time. Upon departure by a member who is elected to a trusted post by the association, the member resigns simultaneously this post.

§ 7. Dues
Annual dues are approved by the general assembly.

§ 8. Amendments to the association’s by-laws.
Changes to the by-laws of the association require a majority of  ¾ of the members of the general assembly.

§ 9. Extraordinary general assembly
Invitation to an extraordinary general assembly is made if a majority of the board or 1/3 of the members wishes. The invitation is made under the same conditions as stated in §4.
Founding members or members who have been a member for at least 3 months have the right to 1 vote, however, all members are eligible to be elected. One can only vote by personal attendance. The agenda must be motivated.

§ 5. Board of directors and joint council

§ 10. Accounting
The financial year of the association is the calendar year.

§ 11. Dissolution
Dissolution of the association requires a majority of ¾ of the members of the general Assembly or extraordinary general assembly. The dissolution must then be approved at a subsequent extraordinary general assembly. When dissolving the association, the associations’s asset must be transferred to effective non-profit purposes.

The Association Effective Altruism Denmark was founded on 19.09.2017