Positive Impact Programme

The best way to learn more about effective altruism is to take a short course. The course lasts 7 weeks, during which there will be discussion groups on selected topics and one-on-one conversations that will help you apply the knowledge you have gained in your life and career. The course requires a weekly time commitment of three hours. 

Course Overview: Positive Impact Programme

The Positive Impact Programme is a 7-week course aimed at inspiring students to make a positive impact in the world through their studies and careers. Each week, participants will join a small group of around four others, along with a facilitator, to independently review materials and engage in group discussions. The course requires a total commitment of three hours weekly: 1.5 hours for group discussions and 1.5 hours for reading. Sessions are conducted in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and online, subject to prevailing conditions.

Participants will not only attend weekly meetings but also have opportunities to interact with peers from different groups and receive tailored career guidance.

Participation in this short course is complimentary.

Course Topics Breakdown:

Week 1 | Efficiency Mindset:
Understanding the importance of using time and resources effectively in helping others, and embracing a ‘scout mindset’ for identifying optimal opportunities.

Week 2 | Differences in Impact:
Exploring the varying effectiveness of interventions, featuring an impact assessment tool, and focusing on global poverty reduction.

Week 3 | Radical Empathy:
Considering the welfare of both humans and non-humans, and introducing concepts like expected value and unbiased altruism.

Week 4 | Our Last Century?:
Examining the existential threats facing humanity, including potential catastrophes like a pandemic more severe than COVID-19.

Week 5 | Future Considerations and Concerns:
Imagining a world where future generations are valued as highly as our own and exploring forecasting tools for future predictions.

Week 6 | The Rise of Transformative AI:
Discussing the potential development of transformative artificial intelligence within this century and its implications for our future.

Week 7 | Practical Application:
Focusing on how to integrate effective philanthropy principles into one’s life, particularly through career choices.