Alt Protein Fundementals Programme

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Week 1: The Foundation of Alternative Proteins

  • Kickstart your journey by exploring why alternative proteins are not just a trend, but a crucial response to global food sustainability challenges, standing at the intersection of existential risk mitigation and the future of ethical consumption.

Week 2: Exploring Plant-Based Meats

  • What if ‘meat’ was a flavor, not a source? Week 2 delves into plant-based meats, probing the craft behind their meaty sizzle and savory bite. Discover how these alternatives challenge the status quo, and what challenges lie ahead. This session promises to change not just how you think about meat, but how you taste it.

Week 3: The Science of Fermentation-Based Proteins

  • In Week 3, we dive into the science powering fermentation-based proteins. Fermentation, a process as ancient as bread and beer making, is now engineered for futuristic applications. Microbes can now be engineered to be protein powerhouses, producing everything from casein for cheese to the meaty textures of a burger. But will consumers want to accept new ways of making familiar food?

Week 4: Cultivated Meat – The Future of Protein?

  • Week 4 unveils the potential of cultivated meat, a potentially disrupting leap from traditional animal farming. In 2013, Dr. Mark Post has shown that actual muscle and fat tissues can be grown starting with just a few cells, without ever slaughtering animals, but will it be possible to bring the new tech to supermarket shelves before it’s too late for the planet?

Week 5: Policy and the Alternative Protein Landscape

  • Week 5 shifts focus to the pivotal role of policy in the alternative protein landscape. As the industry advances, creating products that are indistinguishable from their animal counterparts, we question: What ensures these innovations reach our plates? We’ll explore how policy frameworks can make or break the success of ethical food choices and discuss the intricacies of policy development, from safety regulations to labeling laws, and how they can empower or impede consumer access to alternative proteins.


  • Prior to each session, you’ll immerse yourself in curated readings that set the stage for vibrant discussions led by expert facilitators. This isn’t just learning; it’s an invitation to be at the cutting edge of an industry that’s redefining food, ethics, and business. Join us to be informed, inspired, and ready to make an impact.

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