Finding effective charities

How to evaluate a cause

  • Scale

    Will progress on the cause drastically improve a large number of lives?

  • Tractability

    Can a dedicated effort in support of the cause create a measurable difference?

  • Neglect

    How much has the cause been overlooked or undervalued?

An in-depth look at charity organisations

Several organizations have the task of analyzing and recommending charities according to their results. The most well-known is GiveWell, which has looked at hundreds of charities and recommends those with demonstrated cost efficiency and transparency and outstanding results in the field.

Since 2011, the top spot of GiveWell has usually been occupied by Against Malaria Foundation , which installs insecticide-treated bednets in homes in developing country, in the fight against malaria. Each mosquito net costs only around 20 Danish kroner, and protects two people for five years. The number of deaths due to malaria decreased by 60% between 2000 and 2015 , thanks to the installation of these nets, but the disease still kills on average around child every 65 minute **.


Source:  Blog Giving What We Can 

However, global health is not the only cause that has been studied. Others, such as the financing of high-impact scientific projects, can be equally important. The Open Philanthropy Project  is exploring causes with more uncertain but very high potential impact. Animal Charity Evaluators studies the most effective ways for reducing animal suffering.

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